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Peer Review
A Peer Review is a facilitated meeting in which the project team invites people from outside the business unit to share their experiences, insights, and knowledge.  These reviews provide a means of constructive mutual examination of the project performance and plan. 
The constructive challenge helps provide assurance to Senior Management prior to a the next major investment decision; for instance funding the next project FEL Stage.

Peer Assist
Peer Assists are often scheduled as part of the preparation for a Peer Review
A facilitated project Peer Assist targets a specific technical and/or commercial challenge; gaining assistance and insight from outside the immediate team.  The peer assist actively promotes the sharing of best practices that otherwise could have been missed by the project team.

The goal is to gain external perspective from reviewers and constructive challenge of specific issue and actions to be taken.  Representative from the core and extended project team should participate relevant to the specific topic. Additionally include external experts with relevant experience.