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Very basically, “systems thinking” is a way of helping a person to view the world, including its organizations, from a broad perspective that includes structures, patterns and events, rather than just the events themselves. This broad view helps one to identify the real causes of issues and know where to work to address them. There are certain principles of systems thinking that guide one to see this broad view. There is also an increasing amount of information and tools available to Teams & Leaders in this regard.
An excellent graphical tool to build and share the results of teams’ system thinking is the Organizational Map. It clearly exhibits Project Planning and complex Interfaces across Multiple Disciplines. 

Significant work has been done to apply the technique to Organizational Mapping over the last 10 years, and it is now a well-proven business tool to support systems thinking in Organization Design and Project Management. We have coached our clients in building 100s of these maps in locations globally and conduct training in the methodology.

Once constructed the Organization map is easily be converted to a resource-loaded schedule in P5, Pertmaster or MS Project. then optimised for Project delivery Cost and Schedule risk.