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Meeting Facilitation

We have significant experience in Meeting Facilitation; in small strategic / planning / VE-VIP groups, and in very large multi-team workshops.

In our facilitation engagements we conduct a long-time proven and structured approach to the meeting / workshop planning.

*  Identify the measurable goals of the meeting / workshop

*  Identify the required planning and participants.

*  Define the intangible deliverables which will represent the goals are achieved.
            (Agreements, Understandings, Commitments, Recognized Interfaces etc.)

*  Define the hard copy and e-copy tangible deliverables which can be shared with other that the goals have been achieved.

*  Select the meeting methods and workshop tools to use.

*  Develop the meeting agenda, preparations and meeting pre-reading.
*  Prepare any workshop workbooks.
*  Conduct the meeting / workshop.
*  Prepare and deliver the agreed upon final report.