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“Front End Loading” (FEL) methodologies are structured approaches to the clarifying scope definition and developing project execution planning prior to making the decision to fund executing / building a project.  

A great time to “Kick-off” the Front End Loading effort is at the start of the Choice Phase (or FEL 2) … although it can be very effective to use the methods in Mid-Assess to properly set up the analyses necessary to deliver a rigorous “Assess to Choice” funding decision.


The products of FEL methods and engagements are :

             Ensure we have the “right project”

             Good design basis which minimizes the chance of costly changes during execute

             Project Baseline (in terms of cost, schedule and production efficiency)

             Provides decision makers (Gatekeeper) with a holistic understanding of risk and uncertainty


“Front End Loading” (FEL) methodologies are applied developed during the “Middle Stages” of our Phased Approach to progressing major projects. The methods are generally initiated during our Assess Investment Phase, refined during Choice Phase and finalized during Design Phase.


The project leader is responsible for “Front End Loading” definition and for ensuring the pre-funding assessment is carried out.