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ABSTRACT :  We believe the demands of Project Teams in major capital investments in the 21st Century requires professionals supporting teams, and projects, to have a much broader skill set than those routinely expected of the “Traditional Project Team Facilitator / Practitioner.”  Furthermore these approaches should exhibit a consistent, repeatable process which is underpinned by both proven theory and record of credible practice.
 This paper describes such a proven integrated decision process that we use to guide and to assist project teams in assessing and planning both their early asset assessment needs, & in achieving their project delivery objectives. Advanced Decision Analyses (DA), Value Management (VM), & Project Management (PM) professionals routinely use some of the tools described herein. We document a rigorous application of several traditionally diverse tools, which are now linked together in a new synchronized and rational order. Additionally we introduce some new tools which have proven their worth in 50 Major Capital Investment Workshops over the last 3 years.

ABSTRACT :  The potential application of the Value Methodology to Construction Project Value Improving Practices (VIPs) is significantly underutilized in Major Capital Investment & Construction Projects. This is particularly the case in Oil & Gas, Chemical, Refining and Process industries in and a significant opportunity exists for effective Value Engineering practitioners to support this global industry.industry.
ABSTRACT :  One of the most exciting elements and greatest joys in facilitating Value Engineering (VE) / Value Management (VM), is in the actual unfolding and nurturing the oft-times hidden talents found within the teams engaged. As an Internal Value Engineering Facilitator there are both joys and challenges in the work. This paper will discuss some of those joys and challenges of working in the Internal VE consulting milieu. The material is presented in the spirit of sharing, and of a quest to develop more effective methods, to optimize results for our clients, using the Value Methodology.
ABSTRACT :  Brainstorming is the most popular technique employed for the creative phase of the Value Management Job Plan, perhaps because it is perceived to be easy. As a process its organization and implementation doesn’t take much time, or preparation. The quality of outcomes is often untested and rarely analyzed to find better ways of achieving breakthrough innovation. This paper seeks to address such ineffectiveness so that practitioners can reflect and improve an integral technique within VE practice. As a creativity stimulator, brainstorming has many shortcomings that stem from the way the process is delivered. Contrary to popular belief (and practice) brainstorming is NOT an unstructured group meeting to collect ideas relating to a specific topic. To get better than average outcomes from brainstorming requires a structured disciplined approach that is facilitated in a way that does not discourage imaginative contributions.

ABSTRACT :  Prof. Ron Howard’s paper from many years ago is still relevant today in Decision & Risk analyses today. “Heathens, Heretics, and Cults: The Religious Spectrum of Decision Aiding.”

A few years later Ron chatted about 3 kinds of folks in professional Decision / Risk analyses, Practitioners, Charlatans & Perverters.

1)      Practitioners do understand the theory, history practice, insight / limitations and modeling. In the main they do a pretty good job.

2)      Charlatans, although nice people, do not understand the underpinnings of the theory and practice well … but they think that they do!  So they happily assist teams and individuals to make decisions. The teams do not know they are dealing with a  Charlatan … and may be so messed up that they believe they are getting useful assistance.

3)      Perverters  do understand the theory, history practice, insight / limitations and modeling. However, they use the methodologies to pervert the insights to follow an agenda of their own.

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