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Change Discussion Team
When we are tasked to deliver a basis for thinking about the future work of our team we can think about:
*  How to deliver outstanding Project Management Excellence
*  Target the Results the team needs to deliver to their Clients.

In the available download files below we’ll briefly overview the “Change Equation.”

The slideshow (for .pdf files after opening use "Ctrl L" to show slideshow) will lead you through how to break into teams, pick a scribe and work hard for 15 minutes on the parts of the equation … which will help us think about delivering Stellar Project Management support to our clients.
 Then spend a few minutes reporting out teams’ findings ... then close with major conclusions & way forward actions. If required one can expand the time for the team ... using the same methodology.

When using the tool … run the slide show to lead the team through the session.
(You may wish to print the facilitator notes from the file too.)

 Download the Change Equation tool now.