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Effective delivery of Integrated Value Improving Practices is accomplished by first developing a clear VIP Value Focus frame. … We then interrogate that frame … within each selected VIP … in a single workshop.  Often, when teams are first confronted with the charge to “Implement Value Improving Practices,” or VIPs, the task often appears daunting and begs such questions as ... “Why, how will that really help?” … Or perhaps elicits comments like … “We do that stuff as part of our normal work!”

Using our methodology, the team integrates the VIP work into their normal activities … and they exhibit … the REAL Value Improvement they have achieved by VIP application!  The appropriate VIPs are worked in an integrated fashion, rather than “orphaned” in individual workshops or studies. In all cases this approach has actually caused significantly less total work.
First the team clearly characterizes the Value Focus of each VIP so as to Dimension the core Guidance Graphic for addressing these VIPs, or “Analysis of Function Graphic.”  This graphic is easily referenced to target real Value Focus during the application of VIPs to the project. The hallmark of our method is clear communication of required Functionality.  We reduce the total workload for the team …& we routinely deliver significant measurable value to Major Capital Projects & to project Small Project Portfolios.