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Identify Potential Decisions
Decision Analysis : and Risk Management have emerged as critical disciplines in the business and project management field. By taking advantage of a growing number of prescribed methodologies and tools, organizations are increasing their ability to manage uncertainty in the fiercely competitive global marketplace.

In the absence of a "crystal ball," competitive organizations use Decision Analysis to bring greater clarity to decision making. 
Project Teams gain insights to potential impacts, and consequences of their actions for planning and decision making.
In our BlueSheet Methodology we integrate Strategy, Decisions, Risk, and Project Planning. 
Convert Decisions to Strategies

On Decisions : A decision is a choice among several different possible courses of action. Is more than one possible and/or reasonable choice available?  If not, there is no decision to be made. Keep in mind however, that it is not always apparent that alternatives exist and a key part of this discussion is to discover alternatives.
On Risks : Projects, like life, are full of uncertainty. Uncertainty and risk play an important role in Project Investments, and project process must deal with them logically and understandably. Is uncertainty important in making our decisions? Yes, uncertainty makes decision-making difficult. Decisions that offer the possibility of great returns often have the possibility of loss. Decision Quality depends in part on the Quality of the treatment of Uncertainty.