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An Organizational Map is a superb tool for Leaders to communicate effectively with the Teams, other internal Organizations, Clients, & Contractors.

 * Provides a simple, yet elegant, method to drive down to the detail of the Organization Functions to be achieved in the system
 * Differentiates the "As we should do it state" from the "As we currently do it state"
 * Supports assignment of Roles & Accountabilities & Exhibits the Interfaces and Dependencies with clarity
 * Is a tangible graphic to prove the understandings developed in the Teams system thinking work do exist, can be shared and which will be referenced in a consistent and repeatable business process
 * Is a reference point for discussions with new team members, other internal Organizations, Clients & Contractors
 * The Organization Map may be "dimensioned" in a variety of ways, for example:
What are we do Well &/or Poorly? What most influences Schedule & Schedule Risk? What Milestones are agreed to exist?

The Organization Map is a ready tool to re-visit when an Organization is presented with challenges of Schedule and/or Resources.

Without clear understanding of the “big picture” of an organization, leaders tend to focus only on the behaviors and events associated with problems in the workplace, rather than on the systems and structures that caused the problems to occur in the first place.

Therefore, it is important to have a consensus of the Targeted Results, which are required to be delivered by the Organization, prior to attempting to build the Organization Map.

How Org. Maps work - click to enlarge