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Reduce Total Installed Cost by 15-20%
VIPs & the VIPNOW Application     (Download Brochure)

Effective application of value improving practices is accepted as making a significant difference in improving project value. Until now we have been lacking a consistent, repeatable, methodology to implement value improving practices across the organization.

  The challenge was to take the proven methods for large Project VIPs and make them consistently available to large project teams across all of the Enterprise.  To incorporate the capability to track the impact of the Value Improving Practice program.  Finally, to be able to share good ideas throughout the organization instantly at web-speed!

Additionally, the goal was to make these methodologies also available to “Small” or “Work” Projects teams, similarly in a consistent, repeatable fashion.

The VIPNOW application is specifically designed for use in both large Capital Projects, and in Small works Projects, for teams to use without “outside facilitators.”  (However, it is also completely applicable for use in large projects with VE/VIP facilitation support if required.)

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